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Our mission is to be one of God's conduits to getting people into lifelong, Christ-centered relationships, thereby fulfilling the biblical mandate to be fruitful and multiply; a multiplication not just defined by getting married and having kids, but coming together as a part of God's Divine Plan to fulfill a purpose in the earth. As a result of that mission, we believe:
1) That a biblical, God-honoring relationship is one between one man and one woman.
2) That an appropriate courtship is one that refrains from sexual relations and/or cohabitation until marriage.
3) That God provides technological and man-made tools to carry out His Will, and FaithMate.com is one of those tools.
4) That divorce is not God-ordained, but there is forgiveness, healing, & restoration after divorce, and the opportunity to love again.
Dating for faithful people
Why join FaithMate'

We handle the 'big things,' so you can focus on fun.
When you join FaithMate, you can relax in knowing that the important things are taken care of. Why spend time getting to know someone only to later discover that you don't see eye-to-eye on the major issues like faith, values, or beliefs? As a member of the FaithMate community, you can feel at home with likeminded, spiritually focused individuals - all you need to do is enjoy yourself while meeting new people, dating and sharing activities, ultimately building a deeper connection with one special someone.

Faith Mate' offers spiritual support.
FaithMate is the only online singles community supported by the largest and most celebrated ministries. At FaithMate, some of our culture's most recognized pastors, ministers, and bishops have united to share contemporary Christian lifestyle solutions. Leaders, including FaithMate founding partner Bishop Noel Jones, have devoted their combined energies to aid faithful followers in finding suitable matches: mates that will bring them lifetimes of love, laughter, and loyalty to their faith.

It's awkward to flirt at church.
Kidding aside, we all know there aren't many places to meet faithful singles: You feel funny about flirting in church, and the bar scene isn't the place to meet quality companions. Sure, it's great to meet people through friends who share common interests, but how many available singles do your friends really know? It was this void that compelled us to create FaithMate'just think of us as a well-meaning friend . . . who happens to know every eligible single in your area!

Who says no risk, no reward?
At FaithMate.com, we don't believe that 'pain' must be a precursor to 'gain.' We know it's scary to approach potential dates in person. Not only is face-to-face rejection a concern, but also, you never know if they're open to meeting someone new, or even if they're single. When you mingle on FaithMate, you eliminate all of that risk. And since we offer so many stress-free ways of saying hello, you can choose the method that's most comfortable for you. There's also no financial risk: You can post a profile, check out other members, or even gain a week's access to unlimited interactions, all completely free of charge.

'Busy' does not have to equal 'By Yourself.'
In today's world, it is easy to get bogged down with responsibilities. When work and family demands go into overdrive, your social life is often the first to get sacrificed. You come home from work and want nothing more than the comfort of your couch, and when the weekend rolls around, errands and events seem to take over your time. Especially if you're on a limited budget or have only one or two free nights a week, you definitely don't want to waste your precious time or money on a 'dating disaster.' That's where FaithMate comes in. Not only can you mix and mingle in the middle of the night, you can do it from the comfort of your own living room. And when you do get to the point of going out in person, you can feel a lot more confident that your date is really a potential mate!

It's not just about gaining new friends;
it's about gaining valuable insight.
FaithMate.com is more than just a place to meet potential matches'it's a place to acquire valuable knowledge about the opposite sex as well as timeless tips on dating, relating, and communicating. We invite you to take advantage of our forum: a virtual library of member comments and opinions, as well as professional pointers and must-know dos and don'ts. Have a burning question or concern? Go ahead and post it! Then sit back and relax while the responses roll in.

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' A non-threatening, pressure-free environmnent where relationships grow at a member-controlled pace.

' A genuine & trusted online community of adult believers.

'A haven that is conducive for making safe, faith-centered connections.

' A lifestyle portal filled with insightful tips on dating, relationships & marriage from trusted ministry leaders around the nation.


' A percentage of revenue from interested singles goes directly to your ministry.

' The opportunity to share your revelatory audio, video and editorial with thousands on Faithmate.com and its partners.

' Ongoing support to insure that your revenue-generating opportunities are maximized.

There is absolutely no cost to your ministry for participating. JOIN US TODAY!