The best way to meet black Christian singles.

"...God has opened doors that are unbelievable!"

"...I have found someone on Faithmate who I will be sharing my life with..."

"...God sent me a steak dinner because I didn't settle for chicken..."

If you are living in faith and want to meet someone who shares your values —
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Why Join

We handle the "big things", so you can focus on fun. Why spend time getting to know someone only to later discover that you don't see eye-to-eye on the major issues like faith, values, or beliefs? At Faithmate, we strive to bring together the community of black Christian singles so you can feel at home with like-minded, spiritually focused individuals.

Leaders, including Faithmate founding partner Bishop Noel Jones, have devoted their combined energies to aid faithful followers in finding suitable matches: mates that will bring them lifetimes of love, laughter, and loyalty to their faith.

From the Advice Center

Read advice on dating and relationships from a contemporary Christian perspective. You can start by sending a question to Ask G, or getting some thoughtful advice from our Soul Support columnist. Also of note is our Videos section, where you can browse through excerpts of Noel Jones' sermons.